We are a grassroots, volunteer-run organization dedicated to creating community-driven plans and educational programming to support and advance women in tech.

Our latest initiative is Driving WinTech, a Canada-wide, community based research tour.

“It inspires me to work with such passionate and motivated women who all share the same vision of empowering women in tech. It is a wonderful environment to work in if you want to learn something new or pass on your knowledge.“
"After joining Women in Tech, I stopped feeling alone when I was the only woman in the room. I have derived great strength and inspiration from the bold and kind women at WinTech, who are not afraid to ask difficult questions!"
"I love being on a team of such incredible, hard-working women. It’s an amazing feeling to be able to help, collaborate with, and empower women in technology."
"This opportunity means I get to connect with like minded, driven women in the industry I am passionate about. This resonates with me because the tech landscape is always evolving and we can leverage these meaningful relationships and skills we've developed to further our careers within the tech industry."
"WinTech World is about empowering women to take the lead, go above and beyond to make the world a better place."
"Win Tech World gives me the courage to rocket straight to my passion without doubting myself, because I know there is always someone supporting me. I learned to build confidence, create connections and gain invaluable experiences from the most heart-warming, brilliant women in leadership roles."
"Here to engage women of different backgrounds to inspire each other and create cool things together!"
"Every woman on this team is eager to collaborate, connect and get things done! I love being a part of this group of enthusiastic ladies."
"I find the greatest joy and satisfaction seeing women around me moving forward in their careers and enjoying their professional success. I’m proud to see that Women in Tech World is providing women with diverse learning opportunities, as well as many ways to give back to the community."
"I feel inspired being a part of community with likeminded women who genuinely want to share, support and elevate other women in tech. I believe this is significant because this community is paving the way for change within the tech industry."
"We never really know our importance until committing our energies to something meaningful, and that's how I feel about WinTech. If somehow, a small part of my work here leads to women's empowerment, and more women feel the need to advocate for the same cause, then I fulfilled my purpose."
"It's a great opportunity being connected to women in tech industry. It's a great feeling to collaborate with a talented, hardworking team with the am of empower women in technology."

Let’s make tech an even playing field.

Women In Tech World is based out of Vancouver, BC – Canada’s #1 Tech Startup Ecosystem. Since 2016, we have grown our team from 10 to 140 outstanding volunteers.