Community Activations

Test drive Canada’s Gender Equity Roadmap

Vancouver, BC — ”UBC runs an engineering summer camp and has a week just for girls. Often in STEM there are less women in the room so having a time just for girls to see others with similar interests is an awesome idea”

Fort McMurray, AB — “Computer science, not straight up math, but when it is collaborative with other things in the world. We did this project … where we use 3D printing and computer design to build a windmill to make energy so that [we] can help the environment and use the energy. It is great to have these opportunities at my [high] school for me to do this.”

Sault Ste. Marie, ON — “Since the [Community Conversation] event in the Sault, the [attendees] started up a STEM group of volunteers and [Sault Ste. Marie Innovation Centre] have been working with them on some digital literacy pilots in our school board.”

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