2nd Annual Digital Summit Seattle


Digital Summit Seattle 2018

By Kristine Vacola

What was once a simple “information superhighway” has evolved into a fragmented and complex journey with multiple forks in the road, where users can choose their own adventure along the way. Adapting to this rapid-fire of personalization and automation has required companies to thrust themselves into a multi-channel, multi-platform digital marketing smorgasbord. Whether you’ve recently been thrust into this world in a tech company or technology-related role, or you’re a seasoned professional seeking innovative ways to adapt to the latest trends, the infinite possibilities to grow your brand can be overwhelming. One way to do it while building your treasured network, is to attend conferences and events like the Digital Summit Seattle.

Join over 1,100 of your peers April 17-18, 2018 in Seattle, WA at the 2nd Annual Digital Summit Seattle.

Women in Tech World (WiTWorld) is proud to support Digital Summit Seattle 2018, hosted by Techmedia, producers of the Digital Summit series of digital marketing events. With this partnership, we have a special offer for WiTWorld Circle members (that’s you!) who would like to attend this event! Register with the PROMO CODE WIT50 to get $50 off your pass!Only a limited number of seats are available.

Watch this to find out more about the Digital Summit:


So, what can you expect at this year’s Summit?

  • A collection of confirmed speakers, including Wired Magazine’s Head of Social Media, Neiman Marcus’ Head of Innovation Lab, and BBC’s Digital/Social Media Manager, with more being announced every day!
  • Over 45 in-depth sessions designed to transform your digital marketing, from companies like Amazon, Intel, Moz, Seattle Seahawks, Salesforce, NASCAR, and many more.
  • Over 1,100 seasoned digital marketers just like you on site. Get your “ask” polished and prepped for all the deal-making possibilities!
  • Lots of fun extras like parties, swag, free Wi-Fi, the DS t-shirt cannon, and more!


Here’s a glimpse at the top brands attending the Digital Summit Seattle 2018:

seattle2 (1).jpg


Learn from the best, see the latest trends in digital marketing, and expand your circle of influence all in the same place! For registration and event details, click here.