Interview with Soodeh Farokhi


By Nav Nagra

The voice of Soodeh Farokhi, tech trailblazer

Women in Tech chatted with Soodeh about what makes her a trailblazer and what she recommends to those who will follow in her footsteps.

Born and raised in Iran, Soodeh never felt the need to prove herself until after she left. After all, she was educated in country where saw 70% of university students were female. Being lucky to be born into a supportive family who encouraged Soodeh to pursue her degrees and become an engineer, she thought this was the norm. She learned things were different when she moved to Vienna  and later to Canada. She found she had to prove herself to her peers simply because she was a woman. When it came to choosing her own CEO (yes, she got to pick her own leadership) she was questioned for being a woman – and a young one at that. But Soodeh  fought her way past those inane questions and became a fighter in her own right. Not only did Soodeh become the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of C2RO Cloud Robotics, she also started and completed her PhD is an incredibly short three years.

Soodeh’s career has been shaped by  her travels from Iran to Austria and to Canada. She is passionate and unwavering in her mission to find “what is the next step?” Soodeh is secure in herself and encourages the same in others. She consciously surrounds herself with those who are as smart or even smarter than her to continually learn and better herself. She is surrounded by encouragement and credits her success to this encouragement Her advice to those looking to become trailblazers is to be secure in yourself, find your passion and go towards that. Surround yourself with encouragement for what you want to achieve. Most notably, Soodeh notes the importance of learning as you go and not waiting for an opportunity to present itself. Make that opportunity happen.