Interview with Melissa Kargiannakis


By Nav Nagra

As the CEO of Skritswap, Melissa barely knows how to code. Has that stopped her? No way. What makes Melissa a powerful voice and trailblazer in tech is her ability to see the world not as it is but as it could be. She strives to execute her vision and make it a reality. In order to build Skritswap into what it has become today, Melissa knew she had to work hard to follow her passion and turn her vision into reality. Starting with a 10 year plan, Melissa took small but important steps in making her dream company real. Within two years her company was formed and she was working full time for herself. What sets Melissa apart is her ability to understand that startups are not a sprint but a marathon. She also knows that frustration in the early days is unavoidable, and you just need to power through. For Melissa, comfort comes from constantly moving towards her goals.

When asked what to recommend for those following in her footsteps, Melissa didn’t hesitate.  First and foremost, she advises, don’t take no for an answer. Push people as hard as you can and always ask yourself: why not me? Someone has to do it, so why not me? Her words resonate deeply. Melissa points out that female founders need to come together and build friendships in their community. They must also be willing to learn from the community. She emphasizes perseverance and surrounding yourself with those who believe in you as key factors for success. Melissa is a true force and as a trailblazer.