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Excited to announce that registration is open for our Fall Cohort!

Register by October 4, 2019 to participate.


Accelerate your career or business.


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What is Women in Tech Mastermind?

It’s a supportive environment to share your ideas, a way to connect to your peers and an opportunity to learn and grow in the tech field. Built exclusively for women in the tech sector, women can get the resources they need to achieve their goals. We invite all women-identified people to register.


What You’ll Get

  • Your own personal board of directors to accelerate your career or business

  • Curated, intimate connection with experienced women in tech from outside of your network all with the convenience of being remote

  • Collaborative peer to peer learning and problem solving

  • An open forum to talk about wins, fears, challenges and experience in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

  • A sense of shared endeavour - there are others out there!


Your Facilitators

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Betty Hasker

Co-Founder & Business Coach, MyCEO

Betty is a career executive with core competencies in business development and strategy across a broad range of industries. 

Creative and self-directed, Betty is skilled in analyzing opportunities and developing, implementing, and achieving both short-term and long-term strategic business plans and goals. She is also technically savvy giving her the ability to drill down any project into the most minute detail allowing others to execute and accomplish with ease.

Glorie Averbach

Co-Founder & Business Coach, MyCEO

Glorie is an expert in building small businesses in the technology sector. 

An energetic people person with Emotional Intelligence, she is an accomplished team leader, speaker, coach and mentor. She is passionate about creating collaborative, open environments where innovation can flourish and every stakeholder is given the opportunity to learn, teach and grow past the boundaries of their comfort zone. 



How it Works

There will be a 90-minute meeting held remotely each month for a period of 6-months that will begin by answering 3 specific questions you prep in advance and then share with the group. 

The next part of the meeting will either focus on an agreed upon business topic, challenge or scenario we talk about and work on together OR will be a round table discussion based on an idea, potential initiative or real-life circumstance presented to the group by one of its members. 

This is followed by a round of qualifying questions that help the group members to understand your exploration in greater detail and an “in my experience” statement or comment from each member to help guide and support your next steps.

When you join the program, the members of those “mastermind” groups commit to supporting each other on their career journeys. They are there to actively listen to you, challenge your thoughts and assumptions, provide encouragement when you’re facing tough predicaments and hold you accountable for the goals you create. As a member of the group, sharing your experiences, skills and talents, in all conversations is encouraged.

Women in Tech Masterminds were created as a way to celebrate wins and successes and to share common experiences. By utilizing round table dialogue and “in my experience” advice, the program gives women an opportunity to grow their networks and help them develop both professionally and personally. As a member of the group, sharing your experience, skills and talents in all conversations is encouraged.

Fill your life with women that empower you, that help you believe in your magic and aid them to believe in their own exceptional power and their incredible magic too.
— Nikita Gill

Memberships open for Fall 2019!

Women in Tech World is accepting members for our Fall 2019 Mastermind groups. By being a part of the Mastermind program, you will also get exclusive, early bird access to the in-person retreat that follows.  

You can sign up to be a part of this program by completing this form. By signing up, you are committing to becoming a member of one of our upcoming Women in Tech Connect groups. We’ll review your information and contact you with details about the available groups and meeting schedules.

Program Fee: $3,000 (6-month committment)

Membership requires a six month commitment. Pay upfront for six months to receive $300 off your membership.

We accept all major credit cards, with online payments coming soon!

Financial assistance available upon request.

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